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Maria Kardami

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

Was born and raised in Thessaloniki. Since she was young, everything that was interwoven with art was an integral part of her. Her first love in art began with her love of drawing and painting. She painted several works which aims to expose. From early in the decoration, architecture, and fashion became her passion. She graduated from AKTO Thessaloniki, interior design and architecture and then left for post-graduate studies in London at Middlesex University on the industrial design.

Prior to carve her own path, she collaborated with renowned designers and architects in Thessaloniki gaining valuable experience and knowledge. Since 2009, she started cooperating with specialized company in residential and commercial fabrics ”MARIA PAVLIDOU TESSUTI D’ARTE”, a companion with passion for elegance, that decorate homes, business premises and hotel facilities. In the period 2010-2014 she worked mainly in the decoration business premises, catering and coffee, apartments and houses in several regions of the country and abroad.

Last year, following the development of the current era, she installed and created her own design office in central Athens as an architect decorator. Through many years of experience in the design and marketing of furniture she designs custom furniture. Understanding the times and the economic downturn, she has been adapted to the new conditions while avoiding traps of aesthetic degradation.

Professional skills




Through, I want to guide you into the world of aesthetics and design, with suggestions, ideas and secrets.